A solemn day, but also a joyful day

Normally I use this blog, which I don’t post to as frequently as I would like to, to discuss Information Security topics.  However, September 11 has come again.  A day nearly every American cannot forget.  We all know where we were when the attacks occurred, what we were thinking, which was, initially for most of us, absolute confusion.  However, amidst all of the solemnity that this day deserves, all of the remembrances, all of the bell-ringing and  name-reading, all of the moments of silence, for me, it is very hard to be that solemn.

That is because I remember another September 11th, one that occurred seventeen years before that awful day in 2001.  I remember the nervousness, the anxiety, the excitement, and the joy, that my wife Jan and I shared as we welcomed our first child, Harris Irwin Katz, into the world.   In addition, it was very much a shared birthday, as I like to say that he was my mother’s 62nd birthday present.

So while I recognize the importance of the events that occurred on this day in 2001, I also know that my life changed in a very different, a happier, and a more positive way, many years before.  And so, as always, the first thing that comes to my mind when September 11th rolls around is to wish my son, and my mother, a very happy birthday.

Is encryption hopeless?

After reading this article from NBCNews.com, you have to wonder if any kind of encryption will secure internet traffic.  Then again, if you are not a “suspicious” person in the eyes of the government and the NSA, it’s likely that they don’t care what you post, what sites you visit, etc.  The real concern that users of the Internet should have is whether private organizations have figured out the NSA’s methods.  #NSA #cybersecurity