So much for the mythical individual(ist) inventor

So much of American history is based on the “rugged individual,” be he (or she) a cowboy, a soldier, or . . . an inventor.  It’s been a part of American mythology that various corporations were founded “in a garage.”  Indeed, I worked for one – HO Systems in Savannah was allegedly founded in a garage, although I think it would have been awfully hot designing or writing software in a garage in Savannah (unless it was air-conditioned).  I never really found out whether that story was true, we employees just took it at face value.

So it goes without saying that HO Systems emulated the great Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who founded HP in their garage in 1938.  Or did they?  The point is, ideas may come from working together in a garage, or a basement, or an attic, or a living room, but rigorous ant thorough invention and testing occurs in a well-funded lab, full of proper instruments and numerous excellent R&D scientists, technicians and thinkers.  And someone has to pay for that. And often that someone is us.  Check out the article from Slate below:

Forget about the mythical lone inventor in the garage